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  1. hot blonde 23 year old looking for confident man
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  3. free high quality adult videos
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  5. hi
  6. 28 year old looking NSA
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  30. Re: Snow Shovel
  31. I Guess The Ebony Ho
  32. RE: SNOW SHOVELLING (into the powder)
  33. RE: Looking for a nice guy to shovel snow everyday (Marda Loop)
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  40. Nothing..... 18yr
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  43. Panties, Bras (Calgary) 25yr
  44. why not..;*
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  49. TLC - w4m (Calgary)
  50. professional massage services for female ...
  51. Mr. Rebound 23yr
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  54. Long shot
  56. seeking marriages as soon as possible, feritility issues and want kids (calgary) 32yr
  57. looking for a big (not fat) tattooed guy needing some lovin' (Airdrie) 23yr
  58. in calgary for a couple days (calgary ) 27yr
  59. seeking hubby to have children with and stay together (life is hard) 32yr
  60. I want hugs. 20yr
  61. looking for a big (not fat) tattooed guy needing some lovin' (Airdrie) 23yr
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  64. soiled panties, fishnets, bras... (calgary) 23yr
  65. Married Woman - 37
  66. Willing to make things work (DT) 26yr
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  68. Trophy Wife (Vancouver)
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  78. please do not send me pics impress me with words ok (downtown calgary) 26yr
  79. Take me shopping?
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  81. Asian (Calgary) 20yr
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  107. I Hate To Dine Alone
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  110. Ughhhhh
  111. Pamper A Woman's Feet??
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  117. hsv-2 (Calgary (SE)) 31yr
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  123. Curvy female looking for a real man
  124. Single guys only (East) 44yr
  125. What I really want!
  126. Looking to catch not just another fish (calgary) 24yr
  127. Looking to catch not just another fish (calgary) 24yr
  128. NOT SPAM! (Calgary) 44yr
  129. What (Calgary)
  130. flagger please read...
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  154. Thank you
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  170. I Hate To Dine Alone :( - w4m
  171. Do U Crave This??
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  180. Looking to find that special someone (Lethbridge) 24yr
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  184. Do U Crave This??
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  188. Hi =) 21yr
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  190. I Hate To Dine Alone
  191. I Hate To Dine Alone
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  223. .**- ::-* A:L:L N:A:T:U:R:A:L *-: :-**. SEXY*-: :-* (Haysboro) 22yr
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  235. Another Chance 24yr
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  240. Attractive classy woman (South) 49yr
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