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  1. Wanted Cdma Bmw Startac Or Timeport
  2. cheap telus phones in calgary!!
  3. HSPA TELUS 4G coverage now available in Marmot Basin Ski resort Jasper, AB
  4. Going Abroad With a Contract Question
  5. Plans I'm Mad at TELUS: Data Sharing for Free? It's like regifting something I alread
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  7. New Customer shopping around
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  9. Transform SIM in Micro-Sim
  10. Telus Dealers in Calgary?
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  14. 6GB Data Plan (Blackberry & IPhone)
  15. HTC Sensation on Telus, 4G?
  16. Telus Coverage Area
  17. Telus Samsung Galaxy S2x Unlock
  18. Telus International texting. 15$ for 500 what a joke
  19. Plans Included Caller ID
  20. So now that Telus has "Data Sharing" (lol) Does that mean I can tether with my BB?
  21. Galaxy Nexus 4.02
  22. Confused about how to unlock iPhone 4S with Gavey Sim
  23. I dare you to plug in the Lumia 800
  24. Nokia Lumia 710 on telus anyone?
  25. Lots of Texting problems - any experts able to help? CS was zero help.
  26. Huawei e587 hotspot - antenna connector type?
  27. Our review of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9
  28. Which Sony-Ericsson Xperia Ray model Telus is selling?
  29. Free gift from TELUS
  30. You probably didn't know this about the shared network...
  31. Someone please correct me if I am wrong. Eve and Weekend Billing isuue
  32. Telus freqs (buying an aircard, need right bands!)
  33. Really stupid Evening + Weekends Question
  34. Sales reps: how often do u waive equitment exchange?
  35. HSPA Corp Plan
  36. samsung galaxy s2x telus warranty question
  37. Looking port to Telus, need plan advice
  38. Telus in US
  39. Telus Share Plan for tablets 15
  40. Which Telus Android smartphone has the best RF?
  41. iPhone 4 Telus Unlock No Show (rant alert)
  42. Inside a Telus equipment shelter
  43. HSPA Possible to port number online?
  44. Huawei U8100
  45. Telus Sim and Gevey
  46. Samsung galaxy s2x unlock
  47. HSPA Tablet Flex 35 - Microsim only?
  48. HSPA LTE London area
  49. HSPA MC 679 internet stick
  50. HSPA Tablet Flex Billing
  51. Need phone help
  52. is there still CDMA unlimited data (grandfathered?)
  53. How accurate is Telus's 4G coverage map? Help!
  54. Qualcomm QCP-1960 (Clearnet) and 1900 CDMA network
  55. For Sale Canon XH G1 High Definition Camcorder cost.. $1150usd
  56. Manitoba and LTE
  57. Upcoming Telus handsets
  58. HSPA Smarthub backorder situ. - new hub coming?
  59. Complicated Question About iPad Data Plans & MicroSIM swapping
  60. Plans 6gb data in Blackberry
  61. TELUS launches trade in program. Get up to $200 for your iPhone 4s!
  62. Novatel Ovation MC679 - OSX Lion (10.7) compatible?
  63. Galaxy s2x just pulse vibrates and nothing else.
  64. Blackberry Help
  65. Information mobile Industry
  66. ICS 4.0.2 OTA Not Being Pushed Through to Galaxy Nexus
  67. Telus 2115 PRL Wanted
  68. Issue Escalation Process???
  69. I'm not the account holder, any downfalls to that?
  70. Iphone 4 on telus anyone else having issues?
  71. New iPad in USA
  72. Promo plans question
  73. HSPA Telus data
  74. April 1 2012. Telus announces new Wireless Attaché 4G LTE device
  75. How up to date are the coverage maps?
  76. Galaxy s2 x extended battery
  77. 'Telus Product Care Centre' and Repair Procedure
  78. ICS for GS2X
  79. TELUS System down from today friday 6th to Sunday 12h~ EST Time, promo code offer
  80. Promo $50 monthly plan question
  81. Feedback for Samsung Galaxy Note and iPhone 4S
  82. my galaxy s II x t989d was stolen.could use advice
  83. HSPA Service Deterioration
  84. Port Telus # back to Telus
  85. mobile.telus.com accessible for those on business plans.
  86. Early upgrade still available?
  87. Unlock iPhone 4S on Telus?
  88. Telus Samsung Galaxy S II X supported languages
  89. Lost service for 2 days now!
  90. TELUS Trade-In-Program Promo. Get an extra $50 with your trade-in
  91. BYOP/BYOD discounts on Telus
  92. Blackberry data vs Smartphone data
  93. Apple Genius or iPhone Pro - buzzing sound with vibrating mechanism
  94. Will unlocked AT&T HTC Vivid work on Telus LTE network?
  95. Data roaming block?
  96. what frequencies does the telus samsung galaxy s2 x work with? (HSPA asia compat?)
  97. Telus 3G down?
  98. Using an iPad with Telus SIM as a home LTE internet router?
  99. Telus Usage Report
  100. HSPA Nexus S 4.0.4 Upgrade Problem
  101. Manitoba and LTE...again
  102. Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S II LTE compatible?
  103. GSM or CDMA
  104. MSM or CDMA
  105. Can I use prepaid repaid on any phone
  106. Xbox 360 Live, consomation!
  107. Promo promises no activation fee. Next bill: activation fee!
  108. What does 6UM1 mean?
  109. prepaid loyalty minutes gone?
  110. HSPA Galaxy Nexus Updates?
  111. ICS for S2X
  112. Horrible TELUS Reception in my neighborhood
  113. Traveling with the Galaxy Nexus
  114. HSPA Galaxy Note i717 ICS Update
  115. rdio, WTF? (long, vaguely on topic)
  116. Confence call
  117. HSPA Loyalty and retention
  118. HTC One V coming to TELUS
  119. Potential new customer deals?
  120. Telus LTE phones also HSPA+ compatible?
  121. Moving account to new sim card
  122. CDMA How to Sell Pre Paid Phone with over $750 Credit available AT $0.20/Minute rate
  123. Telus online useage goes live with new easy to understand breakdown
  124. Samsung Galaxy S III coming to TELUS
  125. TELUS now posting information about device OS upgrades online
  126. Coming soon.. a classic flip, the new LG A341
  127. Traveling to the US
  128. Telus Huawei E397 new LTE stick supported by MOFI3500-3GN Version 2
  129. Thinking About Switching
  130. is it possible to stack the $50 trade in credit with teamstore prices?
  131. Equivalent to Rogers Extreme Messaging?
  132. ICS GNex Update from 4.0.1
  133. [Scam/Spam] Text from 917-488-5946
  134. Introducing the new HTC One S
  135. HTC One S for $569.99 or $99.99 on a 3 year.
  136. HTC One S for $569.99 or $299.99 on a 3 year.
  137. Telus Or Rogers ... help me ...
  138. Am I able to get my iPhone4 unlocked from my carrier if....
  139. Fave 10 Long Distance
  140. Spring/Summer 2012 Smartphone releases G3, One S, One V, etc. Discussion
  141. HSPA 4G LTE-capable SIM card backwards compatible with a Hero?
  142. Reception at Rogers Centre, what's it like?
  143. Koodo or Telus -- looking for advice
  144. New plan
  145. Plans Koodo Plans compared to Telus
  146. HTC One S on Telus supports 2100 band ?
  147. LTE now in Oshawa
  148. HSPA GNote 4G/LTE Icon?
  149. HSPA GNote 4G/LTE Icon?
  150. Galaxy Nexus $279.99* 3 year term with min. $50 plan/add-on(s) ??????
  151. Huawei E182E .... Low signal .... ultra low speed!!
  152. Plans Tethering. ...
  153. SonicWall VPN problem with Aircard
  154. Roaming charges for texting
  155. Cradlepoint firmware 1.9.0 and Huawei E397
  156. Samsung Galaxy S III coming to TELUS June 20. 16GB/$159.99, 32GB/$209.99 on contract
  157. TELUS now unlocking iPhone!
  158. Will the quad-core Galaxy S III International Version work in Canada?
  159. New iPhone with Telus
  160. Activation and best buy
  161. HTC Amaze (Telus) ICS OTA now available
  162. Voice calling behavior away from area code
  163. TELUS investing $650M in Ontario over next three years if they get enough spectrum
  164. Activation Question ( best buy)
  165. Will the HTC One X work on TELUS?
  166. Need help for 3G Booster
  167. SGH-A667 died, want to replace with Samsung C414
  168. Telus One S reception
  169. Poor HSPA service in my neighbourhood. What should I do?
  170. How long do the Promo Plans usually last?
  171. Unlimited Calling Plan - Toll free numbers included?
  172. Plans In-market rate plans now include Call ID & VM3
  173. Anyone added 6GB for $30 recently?
  174. Telus Data network down?
  175. One more! TELUS now carrying the HTC One V for $29.99 on 3/yr, $289.00 no contract
  176. Galaxy Nexus, will it work on Telus?
  177. screencap app that works on ics?
  178. Can I use CDMA smartphone with SIM card on telus?
  179. Telus won't unlock my iPhone because it isn't in their database?
  180. HSPA Telus HSPA+ Network almost unusable?
  181. Do all rogers/bell phones also work on Telus?
  182. Device Protection Plan on a Corporate Plan
  183. Telus prepaid phone upgrade?
  184. Does LTE work for telus prepaid?
  185. Anyone with an Xperia Ray? Just noticed that the ICS upgrade is available
  186. What us the animal in the latest Telus commercial?
  187. Best way to make calls to the US?
  188. galaxy note, how to update?
  189. Canadian Nexus loses signal briefly, bad radio parts?
  190. Telus drop 20$ prepaid option to 100mb!!
  191. TELUS Investing $7 million in Manitoba + Highway 75 coverage?
  192. Few questions about Telus billing
  193. Lame that TELUS charges for incoming SMS while Roaming
  194. sending picture messages...
  195. HELP: If you were signing up on a 3yr telus contract today, what phone would you get?
  196. SIM Card Issues
  197. Traveling toUS with a Blackberry
  198. Plans What is the benefit of a 3yr contract
  199. Plans Telus getting stingy on grandfathering features/offers?
  200. HTC TouchPro 7/Arrive on Telus network?
  201. Call Forwarding while Roaming - Implications
  202. LG Chocolate BL-40 unlock HELP
  203. LG Optimus 3G (670) and unlimited data plan
  204. Can I sell my phone?
  205. What's the cheapest trick to keep a pay&talk account activated?
  206. "data plus messaging 20" plan and unlocking Telus phone
  207. Galaxy S3 16 GB for $0 and 32 GB for $60 at Bell-- will Telus price match?
  208. How to check if iphone unlocked with no sim
  209. Another reason to stay with telus ....
  210. new telus customer problem recieving calls
  211. HSPA Going over to the US for 3 weeks, will be calling Canada. Max min 500
  212. Blackberry SIM on iPhone - what happens?
  213. What's the name of the option for enabling VPN access?
  214. wifi calling
  215. TELUS opens new concept store to serve Toronto businesses
  216. Galaxy S III now available from TELUS. $50 credit if you can't find it.
  217. HSPA HTC amaze connect to network issue.
  218. There's no scrolling wallpaper on the GS3
  219. Does anyone know if the S2X is unlocked or not?
  220. S2X not updating apps...any ideas?
  221. TELUS' Samsung S3 is only dual-core, not quad-core?!
  222. HSPA For Sale Brand New Samsung Galaxy S III Email Us At : order@retailsaleslimited
  223. trading plans with a Rogers subscriber
  224. Galaxy Nexus gone for good?
  225. manitoba hspa expansion
  226. Does the current nationwide My10 include US numbers?
  227. Will Telus match that? (I personally don't think so..!)
  228. HSPA Switching back from CDMA to HSPA (SIM) card phone
  229. Why Telus not able to remove the USA roaming feature?
  230. HTC One X coming to Telus?
  231. Galaxy Nexus Warranty Question
  232. TELUS offering $50 bill credit if you activate with an old or unlocked phone.
  233. Telus Unlocking Iphones
  234. Can someone please point me in the right direction
  235. Goodbye Telus
  236. S3 on the teamwebstore!
  237. Android Visual Voice Mail
  238. Turning off LTE on galaxy s3?
  239. 6 Mo Renews
  240. taking over a Telus contract
  241. How to use Nationwide My10?
  242. Telus network
  243. Telus My Account coming soon
  244. Switching from Rogers to Telus
  245. ordering out of province
  246. Poring in Brand New Prepaid windmobile number
  247. HTC One S OTA update, what is it .
  248. HSPA Bought S3 but Telus website says I'm still eligible for phone discount
  249. Nokia Lumia 610 now available on TELUS
  250. Got ICS 4.0.4 on my Note this morning :)