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  1. Outage in the NE today?
  2. Plans Switching from BlackBerry to Android phone
  3. Time stamp on text msg are wrong
  4. Flaming, name calling, snide remarks and you
  5. Which US phones on Rogers network?
  6. Need testers to kick Rogers Cell Tower Map
  7. American Phone Bad ESN... Will it work on Rogers?
  8. HTC One X Officially Coming to Rogers
  9. crtc law for 30 day?
  10. Looking at getting a tablet need recommendations and some info
  11. Rogers Galaxy Note with Chinese input
  12. Visual Voicemail
  13. Travel to Korea with Rogers iPhone and/or Nexus S
  14. Galaxy Note vs. SII LTE and a TOR Question
  15. Rogers Toronto long distance definition for data plan
  16. Sierra Wireless AirCard 330U USB vs older 313U - What about latency?
  17. Rogers Coverage in Northwestern Ontario
  18. Confused about Roger's family plan ($54.70 plan)
  19. Galaxy S Vibrant T959 from T-Mobile work on Rogers?
  20. Nokia Lumia 900 - Officially Coming to Rogers
  21. Service issues in the Yonge/Eglinton (Toronto) area?
  22. WTF? Send a Rogers mobile a text with just '!' or multiple thereof..see what happens?
  23. Rogers refuses repair, what to dó?
  24. Using a lte data plan on a iphone
  25. Found a Rogers Samsung Galaxy Infuse minus the SIM card?
  26. Carry the Note
  27. Data Sharing
  28. Rogers LTE Band?
  29. Alternate Contact for OoP?
  30. CAUTION! Signning a new internet device (Tablet/stick/hotspot) + new data share
  31. Difference between 3G and H
  32. 10Gig LTE Data Plan
  33. Rogers tablet plan on a data stick.
  34. Rogers, where's the logic here?
  35. Porting number: Do I have to tell which provider I'm going to?
  36. Value Pack 50% Discount
  37. News: Adopt national protection code for consumers, Rogers urges CRTC
  38. xxxxxxxxx@pcs.rogers.com down?
  39. No service in certain areas of London, and outside of St. Marys, what the heck??
  40. Will a koodo blackberry 9300 work on rogers
  41. iPhone 6gb..want to change phone to either Xperia Pro or Samsung S Glide
  42. System or Policy restriction? Data Plan for BB, can the rep HUP (select) to a non BB?
  43. Issues with Rogers roaming in USA
  44. Rogers Escalation
  45. Our review of the Samsung Galaxy Note
  46. Rogers Extreme Text Messaging - Copy feature problems
  47. Happy birthday to his holyness, the great moderator Treatz
  48. Lost iPhone
  49. Use existing 6Gb iPhone data with iPad
  50. Strange number calling, offering to upgrade early...scam or legit?
  51. Ebay and rogers - thinking of buying phone from ebay
  52. Does the Better Choice Bundle for Wireless require a 2-year term?
  53. LTE in Calgary???
  54. ECF / DECF from 2009 contract
  55. Are the new Rogers value packs all the same? Retention and in-market consumer ones
  56. Where can i sell my Rogers iPhone 4s?
  57. Rogers on Crack??.. FREE BlackBerry???
  58. Using BB Data Sim in a Rocket Stick
  59. Does the $45 dollar unlimited plan include unlimited cnd long distance?
  60. ECF after contract extension without HUP
  61. ROGERS prepaid cash in by conversion to postpaid
  62. Just got the new Ipad, but no micro-sim?
  63. Any suggestions?
  64. Rogers LTE Ipad Share
  65. When is the Sierra Wireless AirCard 763S going to be released?
  66. For Sell Apple IPhone 4S 64GB $350,Apple iPhone 4G 32GB $300,Blackberry Torch
  67. new provider needed for calling to canada from US
  68. Nokia Lumia 900 on Device Reservation list
  69. Plans Rogers LTE coverage
  70. How to forward SMS without Access to Rogers Network?
  71. Rogers 3G Down in Winnipeg
  72. Blackberry warranty repair and potential water damage?
  73. I have a few questions about first bill and how One Bill works
  74. Motorola ADMIRAL will it come to Rogers??
  75. Information Mobile Industry
  76. Comparable plan to Koodoo $50 all in plan
  77. Lumia 710 - people can't hear me in calls
  78. Rogers data down?
  79. Sharing Rogers Unlimited Data
  80. Happiest Day Of My Life!!
  81. Rogers APN Settings for unlocked Nokia N97
  82. Rogers Data Plans and LTE Frequency / Korean Galaxy Note compatability
  83. Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3 LEAK for the Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE (I727) now available!
  84. Very interesting Article on Canada.com
  85. Rogers laying off 1% of their employees
  86. Monthly to month dataflex plan for smartphone?
  87. Rick Mercer's New Dating Service - ConglogerMate!
  88. Galaxy Nexus Update?
  89. Rogers Contract canceled....they want a Device Savings Recovery Fee....
  90. Rogers global credit and collections problem
  91. Free Blackberry Bold 9790 with no contract extension or plan increase?
  92. Rogers and the New iPad - What a fiasco
  93. Alternative to Caller ID and Voicemail?
  94. $10 VP, 2500 SMS/CID/VM, Anybody else see sms cap jump tp 5K??
  95. Is Rogers Messing with me or am I Dumb?
  96. Leafs ink Dion Phanuef and Phil Kessel to new 3 yr contracts
  97. Galaxy Captivate travel charger compatible with Galaxy Nexus?
  98. Rogers LTE now live in Calgary and Halifax. Edmonton to follow in a few months
  99. New phone, seeking advice
  100. HTC One X
  101. Rogers Samsung Galaxy S II LTE and HTC Raider LTE price drop
  102. Local Are of ROGERS at GTA
  103. LTE BB (BIS) Data Plan
  104. Best low cost phone ($0-$50) on a voice plan?
  105. Service Agreement, Wrong? Rentention correct?
  106. LTE in Victoria
  107. Vancouver LTE, specifically on West Coast Express
  108. IPHONE 4 from Apple store
  109. new phones questions
  110. Ported out from Rogers, but iPad share still active?
  111. Prepaid data plans in Canada?
  112. Best android?
  113. Plans 6gb HSPA Data to 6gb LTE Data
  114. Canada getting stolen cell phone database?
  115. Rogers beats the NIMBY's
  116. Plans Rogers tablet data plan on an iPhone
  117. Lumia 900 in stores yet or just on-line still?
  118. Data problem in St Albert & Edmonton?
  119. anyone got lumia 900 can use internet sharing ?
  120. 2012 cancellation fees and a renewed contract
  121. any suggestions about lumia 900 vs htc one x
  122. any suggestions about lumia 900 vs htc one x
  123. bbm only...
  124. Signed up for Rogers, a month later, shows ridiculous bill. What in the heck...??
  125. Traveling to the USA - a plan?
  126. Porting to Rogers from Fido // New Customer no deals... :(
  127. Suddenly receiving MMS: Video Messaging charges: Why?
  128. Question about MY 10 Canada wide
  129. Unlocked Bell 9900
  130. Rogers - What Is "Pre2Post Auto Approve" ? (Screenshot)
  131. Where to buy a Rogers Nokia Lumia 900 in the US?
  132. Rogers scammed me - promised a plan and then would not honor it
  133. Question Re: Using old $30 6GB Plan in Tablet
  134. Another pissed Rogers customer
  135. Frustrated to no end
  136. Still waiting on the Rogers Lumia 900 Software Update?
  137. Adding Features
  138. RON RogersOneNumber, Can't toggle CF on phone. Still no APP., no shortcut. WTF.Bollox
  139. Does asking privacy office for copy of Rgoers recorded phone calls cost money?
  140. Setting-Up Voicemail-to-Text
  141. HTC One X now available for $169 on a 3 yr
  142. HTC One X - do any Rogers Plus stores have them in stock?!?
  143. Question on the newer VP Text message
  144. data prob w/unlocked iPhone 4s
  145. Important message: Government regulatory recovery fee decrease
  146. Iphone mail set up
  147. Question regarding Rogers Account Page
  148. Rogers new value pack and old 50% discount
  149. Forced to get LTE?
  150. SII LTE vs NEXUS
  151. Anyone got yellower screen HTC ONE X ?
  152. Defective Galaxy Note Purchased on Kijiji
  153. Okanagan coverage question
  154. New HTC One X - Where to start?
  155. 90% of the HTC One X's for sale are black. Is that always the intl version?
  156. Rogers Q1 2012 results
  157. Rogers considering removing subsidies on smartphones like Iphone
  158. Urgent - One X users please read!
  159. Samsung Galaxy Note owners
  160. Plans Rogers charging me $50 to change my plan to prepaid?
  161. Upset Rogers Customer looking for advice
  162. 6gb data plan LTE?? Urgent please
  163. Visual Voicemail, Tips or Comments
  164. Rogers ONE Number on Small Business Plan
  165. 6GB Data plan HSPA to LTE conversion on corporate account?
  166. 1-888-240-9767 Constantly calling you?
  167. Samsung ICS Upgrade
  168. Help regarding getting an at&t tab 8.9 to work on rogers?
  169. Setting up APN settings on Windows Phone 7
  170. Asha 303 configuring for Rogers (MMS/Browsing)
  171. Data Dropout between Aurora and Dorset
  172. Rogers Replacement Warranty
  173. Help needed on Rogers HTC One X
  174. switch to another carrier - question
  175. Ipad 5.1.1 update
  176. Nokia $100 Credit - Updates?
  177. Rogers sent me the wrong battery
  178. List of Blackberry Pearl version that Rogers had sold in the past?
  179. New Plans and Value Packs
  180. Motorola droid 4 lte
  181. Just posted posted our Nokia Lumia 900 review
  182. New Rogers Infographic. Only 6% of us would give up sex over the Internet.
  183. Great Service I must say unlockeveryiphone.ca
  184. Need porting/cancelling tips and advice.
  185. How to enable Local Scout in Canada
  186. need someones help who has a rogers samsung note
  187. $10 Data sharing for iPad question
  188. Porting number but keeping account
  189. Will a Google Nexus S from Wind Mobile work on Rogers' LTE network?
  190. Two phones on one data-share plan?
  191. Roaming Data Passes - Anyone tried them?
  192. Rogers and CIBC Announcement tomorrow
  193. Span Text Messages
  194. iPad LTE APN fixed?!
  195. Rogers and CIBC announce Mobile Payment Solution
  196. Print agreement says 169, bill says 219, who's right?
  197. Do you need LTE sim?
  198. Intrabrand Port then Port Out?
  199. Anyone want to come with me to the Yonge and Bloor Rogers grand opening party?
  200. WTF is this noise during my outgoing call????/
  201. NO LTE on ONE X
  202. Breaking a rogers contract
  203. SGSIII "Coming soon" to Rogers
  204. Porting to Wind without a cost? Rogers not giving back my 15 credit.
  205. Has anyone tried to contact Rogers Office of the President lately?
  206. I guess Rogers got rid of 3 year contracts now. Since they have this "FLEXtab"
  207. HUP admin fee
  208. device price for different term contract lengths
  209. Many questions about what is currently on website/ new plans?
  210. Cancellation fees previously
  211. I have a calgary number with dell voice. Will calls to my number cost anyone anything
  212. Tunein Radio (android) on Rogers 3g - is wma streaming being blocked?
  213. Roaming in France - Provider Recommendations
  214. does anyone know what this means ?
  215. Cancellation Cost
  216. Moving away for study, what can I do with my Rogers contract?
  217. Rogers Prepaid Plan - $10 for 100MB? Does it work for iPhone 4?
  218. Need to buy Flip phone for my Rogers account
  219. Transferring Rogers Contract
  220. PAYG - how does changing plan works?
  221. IMEI = 00000000 = problem?
  222. Rogers HTC one X creaking sound
  223. Receiving some text messages twice... APN problem or something else?
  224. iPhone 4: other party can't hear me at times
  225. $1400 BILL for ROAMING?! HELP!!
  226. Cracked S2 LTE screen
  227. Got a Sony Xperia device? might wanna check if it'll be updated.
  228. HTC One X upgrade cost?
  229. Please Help! Chatr SIM On An iPhone 4S "No Service"
  230. Antenna booster for iPhone 4s
  231. Will Rogers honour my Galaxy Nexus warranty claim after using it on WIND?
  232. 6Gb LTE share plan what does this actually mean
  233. build.prop for Rogers Samsung Galaxy 10.1
  234. Cheapest place to buy the HTC One XL?
  235. Where to get Blackberry 9700 LCD screen replaced in GTA?
  236. Simple call forward to U.S...or so it seems....advice for using two phones
  237. Galaxy S3 to be released today on Rogers?
  238. How would you rate Rogers customers service?
  239. What's with the new $2/month increase starting June 1?
  240. Tethering question...
  241. Contract about to expire, what to do?
  242. Will the quad-core Galaxy S III International Version work in Canada?
  243. Rogers Device Reservation
  244. LTE Data Plan
  245. "I got smoked by a Windows Phone" at Eaton Center Rogers store this weekend
  246. How do I know when Rogers is offering the 6Gb data plan again?
  247. What are the LTE data plan options?
  248. Transfer of Responsibility (TOR) Credits and Savings
  249. International text Via Rogers One Number when you have a newer VP
  250. Travelling through Ontario for a few days...best way to use my US iPhone?