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  1. Wanted: Fido Unlimited Plan!!
  2. Fido Getting HTC One S It Seems
  3. Anyway to get an iPhone (4S example) on a 2-year agreement like the rest of the world
  4. Is it possible to transfer plans within the same account?
  5. Anyone tried this?
  6. Fido Unlock code for LG Neon GT350F?
  7. :
  8. Rogers Galaxy Note Works on Fido ...
  9. 2 year voice contract for a SE Xperia pro from fido?
  10. Fido launches a $25.00/2GB Data Option (Without Data Agreement)
  11. Fido Is the iPhone 4 still available for existing customers either contract/no contra
  12. Billing as Long Distance...all incoming calls I receive while I am AT MY HOME
  13. Fido Data Day and Week Passes - Billing Screwup for Prepaid?
  14. Turning off visual voice mail
  15. Fido 6 GB Data with Tethering
  16. Portover issue fido -> rogers... Help!
  17. Lumia 900.. thinking of jumping ship
  18. BlackBerry on Fido suddenly stopped working for bbm/email
  19. Mini TL-MR11U Review
  20. fido email to sms notification
  21. iPhone 4 unlocking
  22. Grandfathered old CityFido Unlimited vs current CityFido Unlimited
  23. contract renewal text recieve with number question
  24. Fido for 10 years, not happy - Anything competitive with this?
  25. Legitimately unlocked 3GS having trouble texting on FIDO pay as you go
  26. 2 Year Agreement pricing now available for smartphones.
  27. Texting
  28. Fido employees - please help - tethering and hotspot the same?
  29. IPad data plans
  30. Wich Xperia Ray to buy?
  31. Can't use " Call Phone" through Gmail to call my Fido?
  32. iPhone VS BB Data consumption
  33. Prorating add-ons for limited use
  34. Rogers Nokia Lumia 710 on Fido
  35. $50 Unlimited No Zone Plan now available on accounts with 3 yr term
  36. Love Fido's $10 for 10 cents/min rate plan!
  37. Does Fido let you overpay your account, then add fido dollars, then get iphone 4s at
  38. Fido Dollars and data travel packs?
  39. cancel country fido
  40. $15.00/100MB Blackberry Data Add-On (Without Fido Agreement Only)
  41. Phone constantly cycling from H+... H... 3G... and back
  42. Fido Can a phone # be switched away from a grandfathered plan
  43. Fido Country Fido vs NEW $50 Unlimited
  44. Signal Strength and Call Quality Variations Depending on Time of Day.
  45. No more roaming to Ahmadinejad land...
  46. too bad today i moved 1 of my line to rogers because of LTE
  47. Fido Fido Dollars and Transfer of Ownership
  48. Data usage in My Account?
  49. Network down, Vancouver/ Lowermainland
  50. How to disable Fido dollars ads email?
  51. Fido Do I need to unlock this phone ?
  52. Fido Fido Port in Credit.
  53. Help to make a decision
  54. Fido Difference in reception for postpaid & prepaid account?
  55. Conference calls - Fido iPhone
  56. Wifi Not working with BB?
  57. best option to cancel or should i keep current plan?
  58. Fido 2 new phones for Fido
  59. Voice only plan - switch out Xperia Pro for iPhone 3G ?
  60. Give old iPhone 3G to son to use wifi? Voice only - can data be effectively blocked ?
  61. Fido Using my iPhone in the USA
  62. questions about fido prepaid
  63. Fido My Fido data usage is going backwards
  64. FIDO trying to remove my UMB plan...
  65. Transfer from Rogers to Fido with no ETF
  66. Does prepaid have FidoDollars?
  67. Unused prepaid airtime - getting a refund?
  68. Fido Contract renewal
  69. iPad Flex plan
  70. Blackberry Bold 9790...
  71. New Fido Contract, Moving from Telus
  72. Broken screen on Galaxy Nexus, any point in trying to get it fixed cheap/free?
  73. Does the carrier "lock" (sos/require activation/can't activate) bad iphone accounts f
  74. Generic Fido, new line questions for existing customer.
  75. iPhone 6GB data use on LG Gossip for tethering
  76. Youtube with UMB
  77. How to get the $30 6gb plan as an existing customer?
  78. What are the minimum voice and data to get subsidized Iphone 4S?
  79. Can I use Fido international roaming passes on prepaid?
  80. HTC One X on Fido
  81. Fido Costs of terminating iPhone voice + data contract
  82. online activation not working?
  83. $25 2GB Data Add-On - OK for Prepaid?
  84. Long distance call forwarding charge?
  85. Updated value packs
  86. Blocking calls from a specific number?
  87. Fido Data problem
  88. add less than $10 to prepaid
  89. HTC One S
  90. blackberry bold 9790 3 year agreement with the $10 data add on
  91. How to tell when unlimited evenings start from ecare/PDF bill?
  92. Need help with plan change timing
  93. Fido 'Call Types'
  94. HTC One S on Fido, $150 on 3 yr
  95. Question about the $25/2 gig data plan?
  96. Little question about international roaming fees
  97. Need help from US.
  98. "Save" accumulated Fido Dollars?
  99. Fido Charged for roaming voice calls I did not make. What should I do?
  100. SGSIII on Fido: am i dreaming?
  101. Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 on Fido
  102. Coming soon: LG Optimus L7
  103. Scamed and Scam on my Fido Account Buongiorno Content Provider Gamifive Help
  104. Can't Get BIS on Grandfathered 6GB?
  105. Coming soon: LG Optimus L7 & Sony Xperia U
  106. Detail billing for old city fido?
  107. Should I finally give up my unlimited incoming $25?
  108. LG L7 - Coming to Fido?
  109. Nokia usb stick: random (connect and can't browse)
  110. Getting photos off Nokia 3500c?
  111. Sony Xperia U coming to Fido
  112. Annoying echo, CS blames handset / SIM?
  113. Fido LTE with SGS3?
  114. Merge Fido Accounts, Retail Fido Dollars?
  115. Do I have Visual Voicemail Plus???
  116. Coming to Canada, Does This Fido Plan of Action Work?
  117. Dropped calls and missing calls
  118. iPhone DATA ONLY plan.
  119. VOIP (Skype or Facetime) Call Quality on Fido 3G
  120. Fido Fido/Rogers going LTE and the Motorola RAZR MAXX??
  121. Fido HTC Amaze™ 4G will work on fido 3G network
  122. Redeeming Fido Dollars for smartphones no longer require data contracts
  123. can i use this phone on fido's 3G?
  124. Fido will atrix 4g mb860 work with 3g on fido?
  125. no data on sIIlte
  126. Does fido Dumbphone UMB exist anymore?
  127. recently ported number, how to pay final invoice?
  128. Question about switching from 4S to S3
  129. Using F$ at non-Fido Stores
  130. Fido Switching phone number?
  131. Is it for you? Our review of the Sony Xperia U.
  132. Just switched from Canada Unlimited...did I do the right thing?
  133. LD/Roaming Charges
  134. Still no LTE SIM cards?
  135. Huge jump in data usage?
  136. Fido to begin per minute billing
  137. rogers samsung galaxy s3 with fido sim
  138. iPhone release dates
  139. CityFido gone?
  140. Fido 3 yr contract ending soon
  141. Name of repair centre that Fido outsources to
  142. Fido Fido data question
  143. Fido Any non-contract Fido activation WITHOUT activation fee?
  144. Does Fido WCDMA have 850 mhz? I think they did have GSM 850.
  145. UNLOCK IPHONE 4S - but continue with FIDO once back in Canada??
  146. Galaxy Nexus w microsim/adapter?
  147. APN settings to recgonize SIM?
  148. Fido Worst customer service with porting issue
  149. iPhone huge jump in data use, battery bug, email doesn't come in
  150. Fido dollars about to become more useless
  151. HTC Desire C
  152. $25 2GB BB data plan with other phones?
  153. What version of ICS is the Fido Galaxy Nexus currently shipping with?
  154. Fido Does Fido disable tethering on prepaid data add-on?
  155. where for art thou, Fido 6GB Promo?
  156. APN setting for LG P930
  157. 50 ways to leave your lover or port out of FIDO
  158. Specific City Fido Zones
  159. Launch: $60 Fido 6GB Competitive Match Plan
  160. Xperia Pro: worth blowing Fido$?
  161. Fido LTE? - Some Questions.
  162. Fido Keeping $50 unlimited data through a hardware upgrade
  163. Fido Nexus S getting Jelly Bean rollout
  164. Porting Fido number to Rogers on corporate plan
  165. Fido iPhone 3G Unlock
  166. LTE coming to Fido this summer
  167. LTE to be enabled for ALL Fido Plans
  168. Fido Job Interview for Fido
  169. Fido/Rogers Blocking Use of LD Calling Cards
  170. switched to Bell 2 weeks ago...thinking of crawling back to Fido...any tips?
  171. I Have a 2 year contract. Fido started charging me for call id 6 months in.
  172. Porting out - 30 days left on contract
  173. New Fido Voice+Text+Data Plans
  174. How long do you have to dispute a fido bill?
  175. Fido FIDO CANCELED MY SERVICE FOR $7.81 overdue by 60 DAYS.
  176. Unlocked Rogers 8520
  177. Dirty & Sneaky Fido
  178. Update: Not all data plans to be LTE Compatible
  179. fido to rogers port, waiving the ECF
  180. Data on Fido Network
  181. Using T-Mobile phone on Fido while in Canada?
  182. Fido Easiest prepaid SIM to get in N.Y.C.?
  183. Unlocking AT&T iPhone with my Fido account?
  184. Better Choice Bundles
  185. contract stacking
  186. Prepaid plan?
  187. Need Advice! Cell Number Parking Service That Also Forwards Texts
  188. Sending Text Messages from Iphone slow downs/problems.
  189. Fido Fido Take over question
  190. HTC One S Question
  191. Dear Fido - To All Fido Reps That Have A Say In Marketing
  192. Has this Dog Changed its "Spots" ("No Roaming on FIDO")
  193. Fidos first LTE Mobile Hotspot
  194. Activating Fido in the US
  195. Fido Anything more competitive out there on other carriers than these Fido plans?
  196. Unlimited CityFido on post-paid and pre-paid now.
  197. Plan of attack w/ $200 Fido Dollars then cancel (phone advice?)
  198. Employee Discount (How much?)
  199. Student Advice
  200. Last Day on Fido
  201. Fido switches on LTE
  202. Activating Call Forwarding from iPhone to US number
  203. Fido Switch from postpaid to prepaid plan?
  204. Fido 3G Data in Québec City?
  205. Phone shows as always roaming with Fido SIM card
  206. Is LTE network active in Calgary?
  207. Selling plan/fido dollars
  208. Galaxy S 3????????
  209. LTE for iPad plan
  210. Switching plans while under contract
  211. Cancelling/Porting
  212. Fido LTE SIM on iPad 3
  213. Unlimited Canadian Long Distance does not apply to extended Fido network
  214. Bill Pricing game ... Rip off or error
  215. Anymore 14 months early contract renewal this iPhone release?
  216. 6gb for $60
  217. Pre-order iPhone 5
  218. Clarification question for Pre Jan plans and early upgrade
  219. Fido How to get a retentions plan with the iPhone5
  220. Fido LTE Speed Tests
  221. everything you need to know about iPhone5
  222. Rogers Fido Prepaid
  223. Fido to Rogers
  224. Fido question on using 3g plan on iphone 5
  225. Fido - iPhone 5 HD voice
  226. Upgrading to iPhone 5 with City Fido - Need help negotiating the data plan.
  227. Nano SIMs
  228. Fido What's your Position in Line with Iphone 5 Reservation?
  229. Grandfathered HUP eligibility has been removed
  230. Fido Dollars @ Apple store?
  231. Fido Pre-ordered unlocked iPhone 5 from Apple directly. Nano-SIM and LTE question
  232. Fido new AIO $40 Plan CID+VM incld
  233. Billed for MMS charges even though I sent photo on Iphone 4 via email?
  234. Iphone 5 - Lots of problems
  235. Fido Mobi-lab.ca ? Warranty @ fido kiosk
  236. fido iphone 5 question
  237. Fido Do we have better options with our plans ?
  238. Unlimited data versus porting out: convince me
  239. Fido early hardware upgrade.
  240. Can I use my FidoDOLLARS prior to cancelling my contract early?
  241. Is fido-core-appl1.apn working now for LTE ?
  242. Is nanosim shipped separately from phone
  243. Ordering an Iphone 5 from Fido and Having it Shipped to you...
  244. Does Fido have an LTE micro sim?
  245. Buying iPhone 5 outright?
  246. Phone for Business
  247. Voice calls on LTE - iPhone 5
  248. Is there a fee for paying bill on Fido website or a security breach?
  249. iOS 6 trouble... Gino blamed Fido!!!
  250. Fido Any Sales forum on HowardForums?