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  1. Toronto climate scientist wins top science prize
  2. NASA tries to rescue Mars mission
  3. Active video games fail to improve kidsí fitness
  4. Amid boycott, Elsevier backtracks on research bill
  5. U.S. Supreme Court rejects Asian carp measures
  6. Nokia unveils 41 MP camera phone, $254 handset
  7. WikiLeaks posts emails from U.S. intelligence firm
  8. Copyright bill changes urged as hearings begin
  9. Lobster growth cited as climate change indicator
  10. Aerial moose survey conducted at Fundy Park
  11. Egg-producing stem cells found in women's ovaries
  12. Anonymous claims hack on Ontario police chiefs site
  13. Antarctic research station fire kills 2
  14. Moon's surprise stretch marks show it isn't dead
  15. B.C. website sued over ad using dead U.S. soldier
  16. Iceman had brown eyes, DNA reveals
  17. Rich, educated people more likely to lie, cheat
  18. Internet drugs target young people
  19. Aerospace subsidies to get federal review
  20. Doomsday vault gets 25,000 new seeds
  21. High Arctic ozone research station forced to close
  22. Apple iPad event set for March 7
  23. Telus internet accounts vulnerable, hacker says
  24. Video game stars black Nova Scotian hero
  25. How much of an environmental bad guy are the Alberta oilsands?
  26. Apple battles for iPad trademark in China
  27. Anonymous hacker suspects arrested
  28. Celestial trio shines
  29. Canada's space station future up in the air
  30. iPad 3 rumours swirl online ahead of press event
  31. Windows 8 available to try
  32. Apps for Apes seeks iPads for Toronto Zoo
  33. Site urges Earthlings to join hunt for extraterrestrial life
  34. Senate examines foreign funding of charities
  35. Google Chrome hacking contest offers $1M in prizes
  36. Kim Dotcom vows to beat internet piracy accusations
  37. Google's controversial privacy changes kick in
  38. Bob McDonald: Closure of polar lab a blow to Canada's scientific reputation
  39. Rare snow leopards filmed in war-torn area
  40. Nexopia social network found in breach of privacy law
  41. $35 Raspberry Pi computer sells out on launch
  42. Climate change skeptic's university course criticized
  43. Struggling with Shakespeare? There's an app for that
  44. Nature journal criticizes Canadian 'muzzling'
  45. 6 voices from RIM's BlackBerry job fair
  46. Canadians lead in time spent online, says report
  47. Saint John software may reduce ER frustration
  48. Deer tracked with GPS in Ontario study
  49. Bob McDonald: Planets, Moon to put on celestial show
  50. Netfiling your taxes? A guide to the latest CRA-approved software
  51. Threatened Arctic lab aided by ordinary citizens
  52. Megaupload founder's extradition sought by U.S.
  53. Outdoor skating rinks threatened by climate change
  54. Scientists track basking sharks to Cuba, Bermuda
  55. Worm-like fossil a 'distant cousin' of humans
  56. Yelp shares surge in market debut
  57. Michael Jackson's music part of hacker attack at Sony
  58. Oxygen atmosphere found around Saturn moon
  59. RIM's shrinking value
  60. PlayBooks outsold iPads last week
  61. Secret curling research and high-tech brooms
  62. Computer 'Jeopardy!' champ Watson enslited by Wall Street
  63. Antarctic visitors sowing invasive species
  64. Robo-cheetah sets land speed record for legged robots
  65. 'Top' LulzSec hackers allegedly arrested
  66. Anonymous videos a 'threat' to Toews, Speaker says
  67. National Research Council to 'refocus' to serve business
  68. New iPad expected tomorrow
  69. Kids' publisher Scholastic develops e-reading app
  70. IPad 3 launch expected today
  71. Android Market renamed 'Google Play'
  72. School tries warming tarps for cold-weather emergencies
  73. 'God particle' hints seen at U.S. particle collider
  74. 5 things to know when buying a tablet or smartphone
  75. Antimatter atom 'measured' for first time
  76. Biggest solar storm in 5 years strikes Thursday
  77. Mercedes-Benz's 'invisible' electric car turns heads
  78. Why should we care about the new iPad?
  79. Solar storm hits Earth
  80. Mega-sloth likely on humans' ice age menu
  81. The facts on solar storms
  82. Google Chrome hacked twice at Vancouver conference
  83. Titanic's debris field mapped by deep-sea robots
  84. Solar storm impact minor so far
  85. Lost cellphone study deems Ottawa most honest
  86. E-book price-fixing alleged
  87. Angry Birds go to outer space
  88. Ecotourism no threat to tiger shark behaviour
  89. Japan nuclear evacuees face uncertainty 1 year later
  90. Canada's Dextre robot excels aboard space station
  91. U.S. video game sales slump
  92. Is pink a colour? Scientists ponder the rainbow
  93. Lost sleep leads to internet time-wasting at work
  94. Ozone warning pioneer dies at 84
  95. Larry King to be featured in new internet TV network
  96. NASA faces 'intelligent design' lawsuit from scientist
  97. Stephen Hawking films cameo for TV's The Big Bang Theory
  98. Airline crews cite mobile device use as top peeve
  99. Venus and Jupiter in 'close encounter'
  100. Homeless become roaming wireless hotspots at SXSW
  101. Yahoo hits Facebook with patent lawsuit
  102. Space flight linked to eye, brain problems
  103. Simulation obliterates asteroid with nuclear bomb
  104. Is Canada ready for cyberwar?
  105. Woolly mammoth to get 2nd chance at life
  106. 2 new dinosaurs named after Canadians
  107. Wind turbines worth $9M to community, says province
  108. New earthquake rattles Tokyo
  109. NDP says feds abandoning fresh water oversight role
  110. Space train could shoot tourists into low orbit at low cost
  111. Trans fats lend weight to 'Twinkie defence'
  112. Pi Day sliced 3.14 ways
  113. Copyright bill returns with changes for final House vote
  114. Tablet review: Road-testing the new iPad
  115. Fossils in China reveal new Stone Age people
  116. James Cameron to film deep sea documentary
  117. Mount A student names new plant after alma mater
  118. Apple stock hits new high before new iPad drops
  119. Power plans a major threat to B.C. rivers, says council
  120. Robotics industry gathers for InnoRobo
  121. From Anonymous to shuttered websites, the evolution of online protest
  122. Latest iPad goes on sale today
  123. Bell to buy Astral for $3.38B
  124. Moon's creation depicted in NASA animation
  125. Chinese space program 'on the rise'
  126. Special avalanche warning issued for B.C. Interior
  127. Former Rutgers student convicted in webcam spying case
  128. Canadians donate $10,000 to save Arctic research station
  129. Northern Lights swirl above Earth in space images
  130. Apple spends some of its $98B cash hoard
  131. Bruce Power nuclear reactor shut down during restart
  132. Canada's internet economy lags
  133. 'Faster-than-light' data in doubt after new results
  134. Data loss from mobile devices highest in Canada
  135. Uninformed consent? Your agreements with Flickr, Facebook, etc.
  136. Juicy grapes from less water is B.C. team's goal
  137. Ashton Kutcher heading to space on Virgin Galactic
  138. Netflix reaches 1 in 10 Canadians
  139. U.S. job seekers get asked for Facebook passwords
  140. University of Windsor gets $1M for auto research
  141. Groupon launches online appointment tool
  142. Albert Einstein archives go online
  143. Angry Birds, Free Chess are battery hogs due to ads
  144. Bell plans cottage country cellphone towers disguised as trees
  145. Mild winter weather will get bugs buzzing sooner
  146. Federal budget may rile environmentalists
  147. 'Mars mission' on space station proposed
  148. U.S. Doctors asking patients out online
  149. Some new iPad users can't stand tablet's heat
  150. Jane Goodall reflects on life, career
  151. Video game Mass Effect 3's ending may change after fan outcry
  152. Vibrating tattoo could replace your ringtone
  153. 10 surprising ways water is used
  154. How plants hunt, talk and fight
  155. Apple tops BlackBerry in Canadian sales
  156. West Coast whale possibly killed by explosion
  157. Scientists urge PM not to loosen fish protection rules
  158. Drones work the skies for police, scientists, media
  159. Oilsands critics in Europe to counter fuel directive lobby
  160. Wonky winter brings Arctic birds south, sparks early migration
  161. Google unveils Amazon street view map
  162. European space cargo ship blasts off
  163. Hacktivists surpass criminals as data thieves
  164. Facebook warns employers not to demand passwords
  165. RIM offers BlackBerry 10 to developers
  166. Science and politics: Our inbuilt bias for the deep-voiced leader
  167. Travelling gnome experiment visits world's deepest lab
  168. Space junk forces astronauts into escape pods
  169. James Cameron begins dive to deepest spot on Earth
  170. Facebook-snooping employers limited in Canada
  171. Many canned tuna brands getting more sustainable
  172. Climate change linked to recent weather extremes
  173. Neil deGrasse Tyson: The case for human explorers in space
  174. Gulf deepwater coral shows damage after BP spill
  175. How 'muzzled' are Canada's federal scientists?
  176. Vic Toews appearing before MPs over hacker threats
  177. NDP voting company calls disruption attack deliberate
  178. Canadian Videogame Awards finalists announced
  179. Harry Potter series released in e-book format
  180. NASA rockets probe upper jet stream
  181. Barefoot running less efficient
  182. Should theatres have dedicated smartphone sections?
  183. NBA launches series of Twitter T-shirts
  184. Rebranding part of push to streamline environmental reviews
  185. EU caps mobile roaming fees
  186. Justin Bieber's Twitter prank riles 2 Texans
  187. Capsule could purify radioactive milk, juice
  188. Newly discovered pre-human walked near 'Lucy'
  189. Caffeine makes hard workers slack off, rat study shows
  190. Billions of planets in our galaxy may hold water
  191. Outdoor classroom projects compete for $20K prize
  192. 'Digital wallet' will transform smartphone, and how we spend
  193. Amazon CEO plans to raise sunken Apollo 11 engine
  194. Sand Flea robot can leap off tall buildings
  195. Weather disasters will only get worse, scientists say
  196. Bees harmed by low levels of common pesticides
  197. 'Spider goats' display angers Ottawa professor
  198. Climatologist Michael E. Mann on science, politics and censorship
  199. RIM investors brace for tough quarterly results
  200. Budget shortens environmental review process
  201. Flaherty budget spends on innovation
  202. RIM shares rise after Jim Balsillie quits
  203. Chinese iPad, iPhone factories pledge to treat workers better
  204. MasterCard probes data breach
  205. Fossil raindrop-prints solve an ancient atmospheric mystery
  206. Common antibacterial agent called harmful to environment
  207. Bird flu study publication cleared by U.S. biosecurity panel
  208. Citrus disease discovered in California
  209. Trayvon Martin shooting puts spotlight on race
  210. U.K. mulling national online surveillance, group says
  211. Smartphone helps rescue toddler in China from well
  212. Ashton Kutcher to play Steve Jobs in biopic
  213. April Fool's Day brings apocalypse, 8-bit world
  214. Fossil of beluga ancestor found in Virginia
  215. Hacked credit card processor loses Visa approval
  216. Marketing through Facebook: What's to 'like'?
  217. Human ancestors used fire a million years ago
  218. Women-tracking smartphone app pulled over privacy concerns
  219. Flying car coming to New York Auto Show
  220. Google liable for advertisers' deception, Australian court rules
  221. Art Gallery of Ontario joins Google Art Project
  222. RIM to support iPhones, Androids
  223. 'Anonymous' probe on Toews threats wilts under MP questioning
  224. Crowd-funding 101, how to raise money on the web
  225. Facebook sues Yahoo back over patents
  226. Canada's snow cover shrinking
  227. Yahoo cuts 2,000 jobs
  228. Zoo builds love nest in bid to help pandas mate
  229. YouTube to stream Paramount films
  230. Huge, feathered tyrannosaur surprises researchers
  231. Canadians texting more, talking less
  232. CRTC seeks input on consumer code for wireless providers
  233. Google's heads-up eyeglasses link to internet
  234. Anonymous says it hacked China websites
  235. Sky News admits to email hacks for public good
  236. E-book users read 60% more books
  237. CO2 rise ended last ice age
  238. 550,000 Macs infected by trojan virus
  239. Kony 2012 sequel documentary addresses criticism
  240. 6 myths about saving on gas
  241. Was blond mammoth cached for food by Ice Age humans?
  242. Royal Canadian Mint unveils digital currency technology
  243. Facebook to list on Nasdaq, reports say
  244. Ottawa cuts CAP public web access funding
  245. Quietest room in the world can drive you crazy in 45 minutes
  246. Rogers contracts push the envelope, lawyer says
  247. UBC discovery good news for perfume makers, whales
  248. Orca death possibly linked to Canadian war games
  249. Canadian space programs face budget cuts, layoffs
  250. AOL shares jump on Microsoft patent deal