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  1. Network Setup - Multple Access Points, Optic TV and such
  2. New Netflix Error
  3. 4K PVR, how do you watch a recorded show when internet down?
  4. Optik TV and Internet connection issues
  5. phone ringing times
  6. Double-Billing
  7. Bridging problems
  8. Can you send pictures through text while on wifi?
  9. Optik Wireless Box, default to wired instead of wireless
  10. signal strength
  11. unlocking iPhone 5C
  12. How to get my email working???
  13. Re: Neighbourhood House (Block) Rules
  14. Telus satellite tv has no sound?
  15. Reconnect
  16. Actiontec T3200M Scheduling Access Problems
  17. iPhone 5S unlock
  18. Xbox has higher ping and very variable download speeds with upgraded internet and new modem
  19. download speed
  20. Red light on router stays on
  21. IR receivers. Which ones work???
  22. Looking for help
  23. Looking for help
  24. Telus Cloud no longer be available effective Feb. 11, 2017.
  25. URL scheme for Smart TV app
  26. Installation Of New Optik Fiber Lines?
  27. Optic
  28. Email contact for loyalty retention after phone call didn't attempt to resolve my issue?
  29. How to get better customer service?
  30. PVR unavailable in new 4K installation, appointment to fix not until January (fixed it myself!)
  31. Wifi not working?!
  32. Optik Tv account creation
  33. internet prices
  34. TV remote won't work
  35. Accessing my Router settings from another location
  36. internet in logan lake bc
  37. Samsung Sound Bar HW-K550, /Slimline 2 Remote code
  38. IPv6 Connectivity
  39. Billing help
  40. Port blocking... STILL?
  41. How Do I Access the USB Drive Plugged into my ActionTec T3200M?
  42. Set the correct country code for Actiontec 1000H?
  43. PVR - No sound after Fast Forward
  44. 4K pvr not dispalying in 4K on my samsung tv anymore
  45. NEW Channel
  46. Red "fail" light suddenly on (white alcetal box) -no internet access!
  47. So what did I ever do to you Telus?
  48. Would love to have a Christian package available.
  49. Optik TV On Screen Time Display
  50. T.V. Reception
  51. Internet Cut Off
  52. Address Book
  53. Wireless Internet - Remote location.
  54. Optik TV and Green Channel Preview Box
  55. Telus not accepting transfer? Idk
  56. Bundle discount inflation
  57. Watching Optik TV Recordings on iPhone
  58. C
  59. Chanels changing?
  60. Slimline 2 Remote - Reprogram Buttons
  61. home phone no dialtone but internet works abit slow but works, no other phone in house .
  62. Crave TV
  63. FX On Demand
  64. Power light flashing
  65. What is wrong with Telus phone service?
  66. Wait time to contact Telus
  67. Super slow internet when paying for 25 and 5
  68. 4k receivers
  69. ZTE NAT Type 3???
  70. optic tv
  71. frustrated with internet services
  72. Aquarium channel
  73. Telus Internet Coverage Map?
  74. Existing 50 mb customer getting bumped up to 150 mb for the same price?
  75. how do I connect to my DVD player to play movies?
  76. list log in numbers of pay channels
  77. Payment
  78. Mobile access to Satellite Channels
  79. Telus Mobile Access
  80. Shaw Open alternative
  81. Bridge Mode and Airport Extreme
  82. Slow Internet
  83. Loyalty costumers (Tara)
  84. TV package
  85. No service and horrible communications
  86. Optik 4k question
  87. T3200 router: Can I connect an external storage drive to the USB port?
  88. Poor communication
  89. Ipv 6015 IR Window
  90. Pvr
  91. My account
  92. My account
  93. Pvr
  94. Ipv 6015 IR Window
  95. Poor communication
  96. T3200 router: Can I connect an external storage drive to the USB port?
  97. Optik 4k question
  98. No service and horrible communications
  99. TV package
  100. Loyalty costumers (Tara)
  101. Slow Internet
  102. Shaw Open alternative
  103. Bridge Mode and Airport Extreme
  104. Telus Mobile Access
  105. Mobile access to Satellite Channels
  106. Payment
  107. how do I connect to my DVD player to play movies?
  108. list log in numbers of pay channels
  109. Existing 50 mb customer getting bumped up to 150 mb for the same price?
  110. Telus Internet Coverage Map?
  111. Aquarium channel
  112. Homeland Season 5
  113. I would like to be able to get Fox Business News. It is often better than Fox News.
  114. Service
  115. Telus has jumped the shark
  116. Internet keeps disconnecting
  117. What 4K programming?
  118. Slow Speeds ~(50Mbps) on the Fibre 150 plan
  119. Disney Circle and Telus Fiber ?- ( Parents please read)
  120. When will Telus get around to offering better services in Sundre.
  121. 4K PVR only allows 3HD streams
  122. Opening Ports on the Huawei B890 Smart Hub
  123. How often does the Optik TV smart remote update?
  124. When will Optik finally update their apps?
  125. Call Display for Telus
  126. When will the optik remote get slow motion for us sports fans?
  127. Bundle Discounts
  128. Thanks for wasting my time
  129. Is there an issue with Telus Webmail? Login failure 2nd day in a row
  130. actiontec T1200H
  131. Help: Optik 150 & Slow/Laggy T3200M WIFI Problem Galaxy S7
  132. Internet price change?
  133. Netflix app not launching on 4k box
  134. Quote one price, bill higher price?
  135. 4k box + Harmony remote
  136. Changing IP address
  137. No free gift?
  138. Optik App issue
  139. Surrey fibre optic investment/ info on it
  140. Satellite TV - PVR - How can I get the PVR to stop recording all future episodes of certain programs
  141. 3 plus feeds
  142. Massive data usage
  143. Linking optik box to ipad
  144. Can't bridge actiontech T1200H
  145. T3200M Port Forwarding
  146. Unable to view HDMI content
  147. How to put a static IP address on Xbox with t3200m and best route to use my own router. MTR questio
  148. Channels disappearing
  149. Programming/Reprogramming Slimline2 Remote- No Volume Control
  150. Edmonton 100Mbit VDSL Profiles "Tuned"??
  151. Internet In Langdon AB
  152. Motocross/Supercross
  153. Im tired of Telus messing up
  154. address problem
  155. Email stopped working. Had to reset my password 2 times within one month.
  156. Optic TV Installed Has never worked Telus will not respond.
  157. Hallmark Channel
  158. IR Extender for Cisco IPV5050
  159. How Long does it take for updated tv packages to apply?
  160. 150/150 with T1200H?
  161. When Will This End?
  162. T3200 - Having difficulty connnecting to the 5ghz band on every device
  163. VPN setup behind the Telus Actiontec Router...
  164. Ethernet from second coaxial outlet
  165. 4K PVR and wireless to second TV
  166. Where is the listing of free channel previews?
  167. T1200H PortForwarding
  168. PVR use to have message "Watch in SD" when all tuners in use recorrding
  169. Optik remote will not reply recordings on my iPad
  170. Telus Internet keeps disconnecting - Technicians can't find out...
  171. Boston NBC Channel
  172. Guide/Channel Changing Extremely Slow
  173. Foreign mail access
  174. Satellite receiver
  175. Managing your Email Accounts
  176. Turn off Netflix autoplay?
  177. Remote Record for Optik TV from multiple LAPTOPs using IE11 and Silverlight not working properly.
  178. ZTE MF275R - Can it work with VPN?
  179. 1, 3, 5 hd feeds
  180. New PVR...can recordings be switched ?
  181. Email blocked while travelling
  182. Crave TV
  183. Force renew IP address
  184. Fast Forward disabled by broadcaster message
  185. Speed issues with the ZTE MF275R Smarthub
  186. Netflix no surround sound option on IPV5050 wireless box
  187. Lack of 4K Content on demand
  188. Internet
  189. Is there any way to use my VPN account without bridging my T3200 and using second router?
  190. Netflix not working on optic tv
  191. Misleading Website
  192. Second router
  193. Add " Mediaset Italia " channel to reach out to thousands of Italians
  194. IPV5050 is 4K??? and one other idea/question/price drop
  195. is IPV5050 4K? and pricedrop?
  196. new customer
  197. Install Optik On the Go App on Android TV?
  198. Connect TV, Optik Box and VCR
  199. Parental Controls for Internet and Device Apps
  200. Packet Loss Data
  201. Optik TV Box Limit
  202. ipv6 in Lethbridge?
  203. TV Apps, like Netflix, not loading ("Error Code 0") on 4K box - solutions here!
  204. Blocking Unwanted Calls From 760-894-5013
  205. TELUS Fibre Sign Up Bonus
  206. Rating On Demand Movies
  207. Re: Making the Most of Neighbourhood Ideas
  208. No sound on TV
  209. Too Long Wait For Internet Fix And Installation Of Optik
  210. Install Question
  211. Ebay issues
  212. slimline 2 remoteh
  213. Tv
  214. 3 year agreement over
  215. Hooking the cable box up in a basement suite
  216. connections
  217. Telus 4K / Internet 50 upgrade saga and lessons
  218. Tech support
  219. 4k pvr shuts off on its own
  220. Multi-view app
  221. Telus Optik TV/PVR - Kelowna
  222. KSPS Spokane
  223. Optik on the go
  224. Smarthome?
  225. Call Screening
  226. Router Push And Connect Botton
  227. Returned equipment
  228. Pvrs
  229. Hi can I get help restoring my services?
  230. Does Technicolor/ Cisco IPV5050 Support CableTV Connection?
  231. Packet loss leading to disconnects after switching to Telus Fibre
  232. Call display while watching Telus TV overides pause function.
  233. cat5 outlets
  234. Home Internet Usage Cycles
  235. Guest NetWork on T3200M
  236. Web mail log in fails
  237. new 4k stb
  238. My bill
  239. ISB7105 connect to WEB6000Q Wirelessly
  240. Remote Record with PC
  241. Optik on the go
  242. IPV6015 PVR Receiver
  243. Transport PVR to cottage
  244. IPV6015 PVR Receiver
  245. Transport PVR to cottage
  246. Internet and optik not working
  247. PVR restart/resume program feature
  248. Internet down, Port Coquitlam BC
  249. Debating If I Should Get Telus Wifi
  250. Sudden fluctuation in Latency