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Rapunzelflyn 02-08-2019 10:22 AM

Is blended vision treatment good for eyes..!!
Hey, I'm living in Toronto. In my neighbourhood, there is an old lady. She is living alone, and her husband had died a few years back, and she doesn't have any kids. She usually doesn't talk to anyone in the area, but last week I got to meet her in the grocery store, and I found that she is struggling to read the small prints in food packs. I have offered my help to her, and she accepted it. When we started to talk I got to know that she is a pretty nice person and what I thought about her before was utterly wrong. And I got to know that she is facing some vision problems. She is having trouble focusing on near, far and everything in between, and her doctor had suggested her to undergo laser blended vision treatment to get back her life in focus. But she is afraid of undergoing such surgery as she is old. I honestly want to help her, so I thought to clear her doubts about the surgery. That's why I'm here today. Is it a wise decision to undergo laser surgery? Can blended vision treatment fix old eyes? Is it worth giving a try? I would be grateful for your thoughts about this.

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