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wireless 12-07-2012 09:15 PM

Bell Falsely Labels Itself "Canada's largest Wi-Fi Network" - Thatís What Exactly what WestNet City Wi-Fi is
Bell Falsely Labels Itself "Canada's largest Wi-Fi Network" -That’s What Exactly What WestNet City Wi-Fi Is

Image – Email solicitation from Bell (BCE) - to which many Bell subscribers claim they requested Bell no longer send them such correspondence.

December 7th, 2012

WIRELESS INSIDER - Toronto – VIA PR –AE- Bell Inc., a division of BCE, today sent out emails to customers claiming to be “Canada’s largest Wi-Fi network” across Canada. However, many in the wide-area Wi-Fi network did not take that lightly.

Calgary-based WestNet City Wi-Fi, a division of WestNet Canada, launched the largest Wi-Fi network in Canada nearly a decade ago, initially deploying in Calgary and Toronto, followed by other markets and cross roaming agreements with other Wi-Fi providers.

The WestNet legal team in Ottawa confirmed the false claims made by Bell, and would not comment further, citing legal reasons and a complaint to the Canadian Competition Bureau.

WestNet, aggressively built a hybrid –cellular and Wi-Fi network, named WestNet City Wi-Fi. Founded by 30 year old Abdul Traya, the company surpassed 30,000 fixed wireless subscribers and over 75,000 mobile subscribers. Mobile accounts usually consist of tourists who need immediate mobile internet access on a laptop computer, tablet or smartphone.
In 2008, Shaw paid $190 million in a federal government auction of wireless spectrum aimed at encouraging competition by making a place for new entrants into the industry. In the middle of 2011, Shaw said it was pushing ahead with its plans to launch a cell service, pledging $150 million to $200 million for a launch expected in early 2012. Shortly afterwards, Shaw turned towards Wi-Fi.
"Given that Wi-Fi spectrum is free and there are no device subsidies, we [Shaw] can build extensive Wi-Fi coverage at a substantially lower cost relative to a traditional wireless network and still provide our customers with an excellent broadband wireless experience," Shaw said.
Greg Bowman, an industry analyst who has been following WestNet for several years, says several factors made up the success of WestNet. "Traya has been no stranger to taking on large companies, not only has he been one of the very few that made substantial margins on municipal wide Wi-Fi, but his network actually works, as Wi-Fi is a free spectrum, it's also a hub for interference," says Bowman. "Traya always showed confidence, to see him even attempt to get a piece of pie, is like a mom and pop corner store open up in New York Times Square overnight." added Bowman.

Telephone calls to Bells media contact went unreturned – as expected.


jediistar 12-07-2012 09:23 PM

does not surprise me .

It is either bell is too arrogant or does not recognize other competitors .

alleo 12-07-2012 09:27 PM

wow - i hope this story gets more attention...........

Bell was so slow on wi-fi - it was just a few years ago they did not support wifi for trouble shooting - -i been using wifi at home since 2001 . even as late as 2006-7ish many at bell didnt even know what wifi was.

Around 2009 - i recall driving around downtown Toronto connected to westnet wifi - alll over with with dropping connection from downtown to rosedale to be specific - and even at many coffee shops. So really where is bell coming up with these claims??

I hope the Canadian Gov crushes bell for their false claims..

nhanson 12-07-2012 10:10 PM

maybe it was a mistake. Bell sometimes is really silly.

thetransporter 12-07-2012 10:12 PM

lol........... BELL .. no comment..

Even Apple has more decency not to make such false claims.

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