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Default Looking for firms providing corrosion services..!!

Hey, My family and I lived in Toronto for the past few years. Recently we shifted to a new home which is of about 15 years old in Ontario. As the previous owners were in some financial crisis, they could not do the maintenance work for years. Even though the house is good looking and we got it for a favourable price. We moved to this residence last month, and we found that the pipe fittings are in a very inferior situation. The closing and opening of pipes are very difficult due to rust formation over it. As we need water for our daily purposes, I think the complete replacement of corroded pipes is required soon. Since we are new to this place, we are not aware of firms providing corrosion services and all. If you could suggest any corrosion companies in Toronto that can provide home service, I would greatly appreciate it if you kindly give some suggestions.
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