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Old 10-19-2008, 05:26 AM
amogendordepe amogendordepe is offline
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Default Girlfriend asks "what're you doing" during oral

My girlfriend absolutely loves it when I eat her pussy -- she tells me I'm the only man who's ever been able to give her orgasms from eating her pussy. On a number of occassions, it's been so good for her that she sometimes says, "oooohh! oooohhh!! What're you doing?" If I don't answer, she'll keep asking me "what're you doing? what're you doing?" When I finally tell her, she'll say something like "ohh, keep doing it! That's so good!"

The first few times she asked me that, I was rolling my tongue around in a circular motion, and I guess no one had ever done that for her before, so when she told me she loved it, I kept doing it. Other times I've just been moving my tongue up and down, just licking, or pushing it in and out, like a dick moves during intercourse.

I'm sometimes reluctant to tell, her but only because I don't want to lose my place!! LOL! She's very tight, and has a very small clitoris, so it's sometimes hard to tell when I've found it (that may be why other guys couldn't make her cum from cunnilingus), so when I've found the spot she likes, I don't wanna start talking for fear that I won't be able to get my tongue back to the same spot.

Has anyone else ever had their GF ask them this question during oral? I've had women tell me how good my pussing eating is while I'm doing it, but never had a woman ask me what I'm doing. So I'm wondering how unsual that is, or it's common for women to ask when they're being eaten out.
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Old 08-09-2012, 12:49 AM
Skruffy Monkey Skruffy Monkey is offline
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Thumbs up Ha Ha!

Buddy, just enjoy how much she loves what you do to her!! Her questioning might be kinda odd and very unique, but that's what makes her HER! She probably does it out of disbelief or awe because she's never had a proper job done before. She might eventually stop asking questions, and just ENJOY it. lol.

Good for you, by the way!!
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