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Old 04-06-2022, 07:55 PM
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Default Thesis Table Formatting

A table is one of the forms of presenting information. Sometimes it fits a very large number of materials in a convenient form: briefly, clearly, succinctly, concisely.

This option is ideal for summarizing conclusions, presenting calculations and analytical data, and presenting information on slides. In the table, can present the main definitions and theses, provisions with a detailed description, indicate the main points of the study, demonstrate the calculation and analytical part, etc. When creating tables in the diploma, you must be guided by the guidelines. It reflects the basic requirements for the design and placement of tabular resources in graduation projects.

Basic rules for the design of tables

Consider the basic rules for the design of tables:
  • The table must be arranged in accordance with the structure and sections of the thesis so that it fits into the overall picture of the study and does not interfere with the perception of the main idea.
  • The text must contain a link to the table. It is best to place the material itself in tabular form immediately after this link. This approach will allow not to lose the meaning and course of the study.
  • Each table must have a name and a sequence number. Most often, the numbering is assigned to an object.

The first number refers to the section (chapter 1, chapter 2), and the second is the serial number of the table in this section. Continuous numbering of tables is also allowed, as specialist points out:
  • Tables are numbered exclusively in Arabic numerals. The use of Roman numerals or mixed patterns is prohibited.
  • Do not leave large empty spaces before or after the table. This looks unaesthetic and may raise doubts among the commission that in this way the author tried to increase the volume of the WRC.
  • It is desirable to fit tables on one page. You can transfer them, but it is undesirable.
  • Bulky tables should be placed in the "Appendices" section.
  • The font in the tables can be reduced to 10-12. The minimum limits can be clarified with the supervisor.
  • If the author still has to transfer the table to the next sheet, then to simplify, you can resort to numbering the columns. To do this, you need to number them under the names of the columns in a new line. When transferring the material to the next page, it will be enough just to indicate the numbering of the columns and the data.
  • The table header is placed before it. It should be short, concise, reflect the essence of the material. Ideally, the name of the table should consist of no more than 5-7 words, without complex wording.
  • The word "table" itself is always capitalized.

Formatting material inside a table

It is important not only in the right place and correctly mark up the table in the thesis, but also adequately arrange the material in it. Guided by the rules, the following main points can be distinguished:
  • start the title of the table and columns with a capital letter. Sometimes it is allowed to write column subheadings with a lowercase letter if they continue the idea of the heading;
  • headings should be written in the singular;
  • do not put a dot at the end of the column names;
  • figures should be centered;
  • often side columns with text are aligned to the left;
  • the heading of the table can be highlighted in bold or bold (if allowed by the methodological recommendations of the educational institution) to visually separate it from the main text;
  • under each table there should be an explanation, conclusions to it: why, what is shown in it.

Correctly formatting a table is not an easy task. It requires attention, perseverance and patience. As you design, you need to evaluate its informativeness and aesthetics. Please note that the members of the commission always pay attention to the tables, so the most important things should be presented in it in a simple and understandable form.

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